Membership Eligility
MEMBERSHIP: open to all persons eighteen years of age or older who are in good standing with The American Kennel Club, who subscribe to the purpose of this Club, and who are able and willing to participate in this Club's activities.

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: open to all persons who subscribe to the purpose of this Club, associate and honorary members shall have all privileges of regular members except the rights to vote or hold office.
Membership Application Requirements

To apply for membership, one must attend 3 meetings. An application may be fill out at the 4th meeting. One must obtain the signatures of two members in good standing. The application will be read at 2 meetings and then membership will be voted on.
Code of Ethics
As a Member of Lone Star Poodle Club, Inc., I will always:
Be honest in representing my dogs in registration, breeding, exhibiting, selling or advertising.
Keep my dogs in clean, safe housing, with attention paid to their nutrition, grooming, medical and emotional needs.
Strive to improve the quality of the Poodle, according to The American Kennel Club standard, in my breeding program.
In the spirit of good sportsmanship, respect both the wins and the losses of others in competition.
Avoid indiscriminate or excessive breeding for the purpose of selling puppies.
Be supportive and loyal to the Club and to fellow members.
Officers and members of the Board